As long as you are a member of the University, you will have an Office 365 account and are eligible to use Microsoft Office 365 applications.

As well as being able to check your University emails, you can access your University OneDrive where you can create and share Microsoft Office files. It also includes a suite of Microsoft Office applications which can be downloaded onto a variety of devices and is completely free of charge:

Office 2016 suite includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.

  • Up to 5 laptops/PCs/Macs
  • Up to 5 tablets and phones (Windows, Android or iOS).

Alumni are entitled to a free HKSYU Alumni email account, which we hope will serve as a permanent and long-lasting connection between graduates and Shue Yan. You are cordially invited to take advantage of this opportunity by signing up for the alumni email account, enabling you to stay connected with Shue Yan. Please visit here for details.

Microsoft has set a new policy to reduce the cloud storage limit for Microsoft 365 Education Suite, starting from February 1, 2024. To cope with this change, the University needs to adjust our OneDrive and Exchange (mailbox) services for users including HKSYU alumni accordingly.

For more information of the new cloud storage policy set by the Microsoft, please refer to the Microsoft’s announcement below:

Changes to storage offerings across Microsoft 365 Education

The following are the relevant adjustments to Office 365 for HKSYU Alumni:


1. OneDrive service will no longer be available.

If you have files currently stored on the Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, these files will have read-only access until May 1, 2024. It is necessary for you to download them to your local device before the mentioned date to avoid any potential loss of files.

2. Exchange (mailbox) services will be reduced from 50GB to 5GB.

You are advised to enable the email-forwarding function to your personal email address, it is a simple process to forward    emails from your Microsoft 365 account to another email account.

a) Login Microsoft account with Microsoft 365 (OWA).

b) At the top of the page, select Settings (gear icon).

c)  Select Mail > Forwarding.

d) Select Enable forwarding, enter the forwarding email address, and select SAVE.

For details, please visit Turn on automatic forwarding in Outlook

To learn how to review and delete large files in OneDrive, please refer to the “Manage your OneDrive storage” guide.