Printing and copying services are available for students in HKSYU. Octopus card is accepted to settle the printing and copying fee.

Users are welcome to use their own laptops or mobile devices to have wireless printing in the University. Please ensure that laptops or mobile devices are connected to the Internet.

How to print?
To experience a fast and efficient wireless printing, we encourage you to read the below instructions before starting your printing.

Where to collect ?
After finishing the printing procedure, you can then collect your printing at any of the below Printers / Photocopiers.

 If you have questions to ask, please feel free to  email us , or contact us at LG110 Academic Building in person or by phone at 2806 – 5143.

 Copyright Issue?
We respect the intellectual property rights. Please make sure your printing follows the law of copyright. You are encouraged to know more: Please click here

Kyocera Photocopier User Guide
User guide (Student)
User guide (Staff)
Wireless Printing
User guide (Laptop)
User guide (Mobile)

Laptop wireless printing does not support macOS.

Building Location Model IP Address B/W Color Photo-copying Printing Scanning/USB Printing
Main Building Room 210 TASKalfa 4053ci

Room 211
Library Complex 2F TASKalfa 3554ci
3F TASKalfa 4054ci
5F TASKalfa 3554ci
Research Complex RLG1/F TASKalfa 4054ci
RLG502 TASKalfa 4053ci
Research and Amenities Complex 4/F TASKalfa 3253ci


Page size Black & White (HKD) Color (HKD) Scanning
A4 $0.3 $1.8 Free of charge
A3 $0.6 $3.6 Free of charge