Laptops are available for staff of the University to borrow for event setups and emergencies. Laptops can be borrowed and returned at the Computing Services Centre.

  • The laptop loan service is event-based. You can borrow a laptop for up to 7 days and return it before the due date.
  • As the number of laptops are limited, it is not guaranteed a laptop would be available unless you make a reservation and get the confirmation from us in advance.
  • You can use the laptops anywhere, but not restricted to the Campus area.
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the laptop is not lost, stolen or damaged or you will be charged for the replacement of the laptop.
  • You are not allowed to save any files on the laptop. You can save files using your USB drive.
  • You are not allowed to install any software on the laptop.
  • Any files saved in the laptop will be erased and become unrecoverable once the laptop is returned to us.