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Service Desk System

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a Service Desk System. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. Login is required to submit a ticket.

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[TechNewsWorld] The Metaverse Future: Are You Ready To Become a God?
This week is Siggraph 2022 where Nvidia will be doing ...
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[HKET ]微軟針對輕型Android設備 推出「精簡版 Outlook」App
在Android設備運行Microsoft Outlook時,有時會因為記憶體(RAM)不足,而出現系統變慢,甚至無法執行程式。為避免以上情況發生,微軟(Microsoft)推出Outlook Lite App,它是一款「精簡版 Outlook」,可為輕型Android設備帶來更小、更快的運作...[Please click here to view full ...
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[TECHNEWSWORLD] No-Code Platforms Democratize Testing Automation
Using No-code technology instead of dedicated code programmers could become ...
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[HKET] 微軟開放Windows 11授權
微軟(Microsoft)由去年10月正式Windows 11推出,早前一直未有提供單獨銷售使用的Windows 11授權,因此各位用戶僅可購入新PC,或者從過往合法授權的Windows作業系統升級,對於一眾偏愛DIY砌機的用戶而言,則非常不便...[Please click here to view the full version] ...
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[HKET] 【資訊安全】惡意軟件再現 資安專家揭多款詐騙Android App
大部分Android用戶會透過Google Play商店下載各款應用程式,但稍有不慎隨時會造成金錢上的損失!有資訊安全公司最近發現,一款名為Autolycos的惡意軟件,至少在8款Android App中出現;黑客會透過應用程式為用戶訂閱付費服務,從中獲利... [Click here to view the full version] ...
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[BBC]Shaking head and mean goose among new emojis
A shaking head, new heart colours and a familiar goose ...
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